Room Requests

We've made room requesting easier!

It's now part of the Yale Connect event creation process! Go to the group you lead, click on events, then click "create event" and just follow the process!

After you submit your event for approval the OSA team will work  to book your space if able. Once all is done, and the event is approved, you're all set!

What Rooms Can I Book?

Any classroom can be booked, if it's available. You can also book conference rooms and small breakout rooms.

  • You book space through the Yale Connect event creation form under your group. OSA will then work with Events to confirm a room booking honoring your request (or as close as possible.)
  • Only official clubs and YDS student orgs can book space at YDS.
  • General lead time: 2 weeks for general bookings. If you have a specific space you want to use, aim for 4 weeks before your event to book.

Outdoor space (the Quad, Labyrinth etc.) is communal space and can be used ad hoc.

  • If you are planning a large event that would take up a lot of the outdoor space, you should check in with the OSA team to discuss your plans before requesting.
DivFarm Fire Pit

This space is a bookable space in the EMS room system, as well as a communal space. If you are planning an event at this location, book so you don't have any conflicts with other groups.

Booking More Than One Space for One Event?

Then you should definitely connect with the OSA team before creating your event - we want to make sure the spaces you have work for your slightly more complex event!

Old Common & Old Refectory Rooms

These rooms, while bookable, are typically reserved for larger events such as school-wide community events and conferences. There is a additional charge for facilities to clean the room after use. Talk to OSA before requesting.

Haven't booked space using Yale Connect?

Watch this tutorial on how to get started creating your event!

Events in Marquand Chapel

YDS Student Groups may request use of Marquand Chapel for individual events. Marquand Chapel is unable to allow weekly worship services for individual Student Groups due to the limits of open time in Marquand Chapel and the number of denominational YDS Student Groups requesting worship space.

  • Nouwen Chapel is available as an alternative worship space. In addition, YDS Denominational Student Groups can hold worship services in classroom spaces.
  • Evening and weekend reservations in Marquand will require additional Custodial Services with an additional fee. A request for Custodial Services must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • If you book space in Marquand, you are responsible arranging the furniture (chairs, tables, podiums, crosses, etc.) for your event; this requires at least two bodies due to heavy weight of furniture. Movers will be required to meet with Marquand Chapel staff at least 48 hours before your event to learn about building-code restrictions and other best practices in moving furniture to avoid damaging floors. If Student Group is unable to move furniture, they will be required to cover the cost of chair movers.
  • If a Student Group is unable to move furniture, they will be required to cover the cost of chair movers.
  • Marquand Chapel does not loan out worship supplies—chalices, altar-cloths, etc.—for events beyond our daily 11:30 a.m. services. Please plan accordingly.
Marquand Chapel is often used for large school-wide events and numerous concerts and recitals

To enquire about dates/times for Marquand Chapel:
Email the Marquand Chapel team to request a booking at Marquand.

*Bookings should be done at least 4 weeks in advance, if not further out.

Nouwen Chapel

The Nouwen Prayer Chapel is located on the ground floor of the Divinity Library, amidst the stacks and study carrels. This space is open during the day and evening for student prayer and meditation.

Nouwen Chapel is also regularly used for special prayer events, such as vigils, Advent services, and Lenten reflections organized by Yale Divinity School student groups.

Want to book Nouwen? Create your event on YaleConnect. OSA will then work with the managers of this space to see if the room is available.