Finding a Date for Your Event

Before you begin, some important notes:

  • All events must be hosted under a Student Organization, i.e. no individual events.
  • All events must be hosted on Yale Connect using the create event form.
  • No events can take place during daily chapel (11:30 AM - 12:00 PM) Lunch events take place during 12:00 - 1:00 PM
  • No events can take place during breaks, reading periods, or examination periods.
  • Clubs should also try to avoid major events, such as Dean Town Halls, YDSG Monthly Meetings, Berkeley (Wednesdays) and Andover Newton (Thursdays) worship evenings (6-8PM). Many of these big school-wide events are on the Yale Connect calendar, so take a moment to check before confirming!

Fall 2022:
When Can You Host Events?

THU SEP 22 | After Club Fair: 
First day clubs can host events in Fall 2022.

OCT 14 - 23 | October Reading Break:
No club events held during this time.

NOV 19 -  27 | Thanksgiving Recess:
No club events held during this time.

TUE DEC 6 | Last Day of Classes before Winter Break:
Last day to host a club event.

Calendars & Finding a Date

Planning ahead is important. We recommend planning events at least 4 week in advance. Check the below resources and always get in touch with the Student Affairs Office if unsure on finding a good date for your event!

Check the YDS Events Calendar

The official calendar of the school, this resource can help make sure you don't come into a scheduling nightmare with a large speaker series, or big-deal-event!

Check the YDS Academic Calendar

Don't plan your beautiful events and then forget it's a reading period or break and no one is able to turn up! Make sure you are keeping these important academic dates in mind!

Always Check Yale Connect!

See what other clubs and student-facing events are happening at YDS that you may want to attend yourself! Avoid clashing with other clubs if possible!

Other things to consider when finding a date and time for your club event

Always consider several dates as backup

It's best to have a backup plan - YDS is a busy community, be prepared and be open to flexibility in your planning!

Confirm Speakers only after confirmed date & space

It happens so often; a Club confirms a high-profile speaker, then realizes there's no space - avoid that "egg on face" moment and get your space confirmed first! You also need to have the speaker approved before reaching out.

Avoid Conflicting with Daily Chapel!

No club events can happen during daily chapel (11:30 am - 12:00 pm). Avoid Dean's Office events and also the Berkeley and Andover Newton Evening Worships at 6pm (Wednesday & Thursday respectively.)

See what other clubs are doing before you plan?

It may be of interest to see what other clubs are doing; perhaps there's a chance for collaboration and co-hosting (we love these words at OSA!)

Do you really need a prime-time lunchtime slot?

Holding just a leaders-only meeting or social? Consider moving this to a late-night or weekend option. This allows other clubs who are trying to bring in high-profile people (typically on a tighter calendar) better opportunities. It's nice to help our friends out!