Planning Your Catering

A guide for YDS Student Leaders

Yale Hospitality & External Caterers

before you confirm any catering, you must have your budget approved by OSA! Catering charges will not be covered without budget approval.

Yale Hospitality

Hospitality is a good option for large scale events, and typically know the campus well which reduces stress on setup. But cost can be a big deciding factor when working with Hospitality.

  • Know the building inside and out!
  • Can make special menus and order bespoke items for your catered event.
  • Your event will get a guaranteed manager to help devise your menu and selection.
  • Can be expensive depending on your event. ($1000 and above)

Discuss with the OSA team if you want to explore this route. It may or may not be the best route to take for your catering!

External Caterers

There are plentiful caterers outside of the Quad in the New Haven and surrounding areas. Many of them work with YDS on a regular basis and so know the general logistics of our spaces and 9/10 times are  cheaper than in-house Hospitality options, depending on your event.

  • Cheaper in most cases, preferred for small-to-medium events.
  • Typically less lead time needed to order catering menu
  • Menus are typically set, items can not be edited or bespoke-made in most cases.
  • May not know the setup and equipment at Sterling Quad, can make planning harder.

Popular External Caterers

Popular, know Yale well, and relatively inexpensive.

Popular choices but
just a little more "fancy"

Typically more expensive, so be aware of quotes!