Facilities and AV Event Support

General Facilities

Each student group is responsible for cleaning their space after use.

  • All garbage should be thrown away.
  • All tables and chairs should be returned to their original configuration.

List of Service Costs for Student Group Events

*these figures represent Mon-Fri events. Weekends will incur additional costs than those reflected here.


for custodial cleaning of a small classroom (if not cleaned by student group.


for custodial cleaning of a large classroom, second floor common room (if not cleaned by student group.)


for facilities furniture set-up for Fireside Chat in Second Floor Common Room.


for student group event in Old Common Room


for student group event in Old Refectory


Audio/Visual Services

Your event must be approved on Yale Connect before discussing AV needs.

OSA works with you on AV needs; do not contact the Communications/Media services team directly.

Audio Visual Services at YDS

If audio-visual support is required for a student event, please give as much notice as possible, preferably a month. No guarantees can be given, due to the high volume of projects the Audio Visual Services team are involved in every year.

  • This is especially important if the event will take place outside of business hours or on weekends.

Start your AV needs conversation with:
Kit Heeley

(203) 432 5372

Recording and Livestreaming


The YDS Office of Communications in cooperation with the campus A/V Media Coordinator’s office provides limited support for recording and broadcast of approved campus events for archival purposes and to share events with targeted audiences and the public. Supported media formats are: offline video/audio recording, Zoom Meeting and Webinar, and Livestream.

It is strongly recommended if a Student Org needs their event to be recorded, they set up their own Zoom meeting and record to the Zoom cloud under their Yale profile. Talk to Kit Heeley if you need help with this.

For an event to be considered for staffed recording or broadcast the following criteria must be met:
  1. The event is coordinated by current YDS faculty, staff, or a recognized student organization.
  2. The event is approved by the Dean’s Office, Office of Academic Affairs, or the Office of Student Affairs depending on the person or group coordinating the event.
  3. The event coordinator must request broadcast support from the Office of Communications a minimum of three weeks prior to the start of the event.
  4. The event coordinator must demonstrate a need for recording or broadcast with the understanding that staff and equipment support is limited.
  • Coordinators are encouraged to schedule events during regular office hours avoiding weekends, holidays, and nights
  • Please note that fulfilling this protocol does not guarantee event support for recording/broadcast.

Movie Screening Rights

Policy from General Counsel Office of Yale.

Screening rights are required to show films and live events. This includes streaming services (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon) and TV broadcasters. Written permission from the film or show’s producer must be provided to OSA when completing the YaleConnect event request form. No room bookings will be confirmed until this approval is provided.

There are a variety of options for screening that do not require viewing rights:

  • Some Distribution companies will grant exceptions/waive fee for educational purposes (E.g. Spyglass Media Group & Swank Motion Pictures)
  • Yale Film Study Center offers viewing with very limited rights on a majority of the films in their collection