General Club Information

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Only current and actively enrolled YDS students (MDiv, MAR, STM) and their partners are eligible for Club membership. Students or Partners can join clubs using Yale Connect.

Clubs at YDS are intended for YDS students only as they are funded using funds that are school-specific. If your club spans multiple schools or includes members who are not current YDS students, please contact the OSA team to discuss club structure and Yale Connect use.

Non-YDS Members
Clubs that may wish to contact Non-YDS students via email can create a contact list in Yale Connect. Individuals can be added to Yale Connect clubs by a school administrator in certain circumstances. In these cases, non-YDS students may not receive any club communication regarding recruiting events. To have contacts added to your group, please send the individuals names, email addresses and length of membership to OSA.

Club Storage

Clubs who have materials or equipment to store can reach out to OSA to discuss storage solutions. While space is tight on the YDS campus, the OSA team can work with facilities to help store large items on a temporary basis, should space be available.

With any event you do, you should request additional facilities services when creating your event on the second part of the event creation form. OSA will then work with you and the facilities team to help make sure your event, and materials associated, are setup on time. Please help us by only requesting help with your event if the items/materials are large and require expertise in moving.

Club Communications

Along with our In-Person Check-ins, the OSA team also likes to keep in regular contact with our Club Leaders. We do this in a number of ways:

  • You're reading one already: this Handbook!
  • Emails to all or specific Clubs
  • A quarterly Club Leader Newsletter

In the above ways, we communicate new or existing policies, important deadlines, and things that we need you to do throughout the academic year. We know there's a lot hitting your inbox, but these are some of the main ways in which we help support your endeavors as Club Leaders!

Club Emails
You have the ability to email your club's members through Yale Connect. Using the email or newsletter builder, you can create custom and bespoke communications depending on what you need to communicate!

Consider reviewing the tutorials here on creating newsletters, or reach out to Kit Heeley in OSA to receive "expert" training on using this powerful tool.

Please note that your Yale Connect cannot receive messages - it is not an inbox for your club. We suggest you nominate one club leader in your club to be the "Communications Chair". That way your members already know who to contact and who to expect from!